Q: How do I get a custom graphic?
A: *Blank stare*
Q: Do I have to have something in every box?
A: Yes. If the specification does not apply to your item, put N/A in the box. If you do not care, put Don't Care in the box.
Q: How will I know my graphic is completed?
A: We will say so on the home page. EX: Skippy, your design is ready!
Q: How do I pick up my design?
A: Mouse over the "Custom Orders" tab and there will be two pages. This one, and "Finished Graphics". All completed orders will be placed under that page. To have your design, right click and select "Save picture as..." 
Q: How will you know I've picked up my order?
A: You will contact your designer, with the same nickname as you ordered the picture with, and say "I have picked up my order". Your order will then either be moved to the designer's page, or deleted.

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