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Happy 2011!!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have a great year! I (skippy) have made a minor resolution to put more stuff on the site. Thanks to everyone who haven't lost faith in our website, and remember to keep ordering those graphics!

Nerds4Ever Revamp!

After a long time of few updates (because of the even fewer amount of visitors), we decided that Nerds4Ever needed something new. Different. Fresh. So, we decided to revamp it yet again - but this time, definitely new and different. We decided we needed something that would both attract visitors and let us have fun. So - we decided on a graphics and art sharing site.

We (Skippy and Mespia) will create graphics for use on the computer, such as icons, avatars, signatures, and computer backgrounds for people online to use for free. We may also do artwork and other things along the lines, but for now, computer graphics. These will, of course, be absolutely FREE and EASY for anybody to use. (No downloads, no money involved.)

But that wasn't enough. It's great, but what if somebody wanted something we didn't have? So we will also do custom orders. Just request what you want in your graphic in our custom order form, and we'll do it. Again, absolutely free.

We admit we are not professional graphic designers. What we have up here might not be as good as something you could get for a lot of money. But we have fun making it, and our skills are improving, and of course we'll always try to make you happy.

Of course, we still have some areas from our old site up - mouse over the link on the right of the toolbar for our Directories and HTBAN, which we'll still try to update. Our forum is still up, too. We hope you'll check back every so often on our new site! Thank you everyone for your support!
Completed Order Forms:

Skippy has added a background! (12/30)

Mespia has added a new signature!