The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol are a trilogy that is the sanctuary for all nerds. Dan Brown, the author, took the time to research all the facts that are said or explained in the book, so they're all true.Its really informative , especially if you're in to ancient lost cults and stuff. It's awesome!!

Now, the book. Robert Langdon, a 40 year old symbologist, is called to decipher the death of Jacques Saunière. There, he meets Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist. After saving Langon's life and reputation, (Why? You'll have to read the book) Landgon finds out important details about Sophie and Saunière. These are crucial to the mystery that Saunière left behind.
While Langdon and Sophie are breaking the code, the ancient Catholic cult called Opus Dei hears about it. I cannot get into too much detail without giving everything away, but I will say that everything intertwines, and it's baffling that everything is true. (Not the plot and stuff but it's like historical fiction). I would rate this book 9 out of 10, because it's really awesome. In the hardcover edition, there are 454 pages, so it's pretty long. I liked how it was informative and educational while being a great book at the same time! (That's nerdy for you.) I would reccomend it to people who have an interest in history,  and enjoy reading. They also should be mature, since some of the parts and the concept of what Silas was doing at some parts was kind of disturbing. One last thing. I would read Angels and Demons before the DaVinci code. It was written after The DaVinci code, but it takes place before.