The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, a young adult novel by Suzanne Collins, is set in post-apocalyptic North America. Civilization as we know it has been destroyed, and a nation called Panem covers the continent. It consists of a capitol ringed by 12 districts, who provide the Capitol with various supplies. 75 years ago, the districts rebelled, and the thirteenth district was destroyed. Each year, as punishment, a boy and a girl from ages 12 to 18 are chosen by lottery to participate in a fight to the death in a vast arena. This takes place over several weeks and is televised live to the Capitol, where it is watched for entertainment. Katniss Everdeen, age 16, takes the place of her 12 year old sister in the Hunger Games. This is the story of how she survives - or doesn't.

I really loved this book. I heard it was great, so I read it, and it was. It was full of action and some blood/gore, but it was always exciting and sometimes really touching. There is a bit of romance in this novel, but it's not the whole plot. This is probably more people 12+; that's who it's meant for anyway. Anyone can enjoy it, and depending on your age, can get different ideas from it. This is definitely a recommended book and you shoiuld check it out or even buy it. You'll read it again and again.

If you like this book, you'll love the second book in this series, Catching Fire. And keep waiting for the last book, Mockingjay.