Alphabounce is one of many Breakout-styled games. However, instead of being an unoriginal, generally boring copy of said game, Motion Twin transforms it into an exciting, fun RPG that will have you playing for years.

In a time far into the future, prisoners are sent out on dangerous mining expeditions in deep space by mining corporation ESCorp. The prisoners must extract valuable minerals from the farthest reaches of the galaxy as punishment. You are a prisoner working for ESCorp. You have a map of the part of the galaxy that surrounds you, divided up into small square sectors. You click on a sector to travel to it. To beat the area, you must play a level of breakout.

But this isn't your ordinary game of breakout! Along with the blocks and some average powerups, you have exploding, death-bringing, regenerating blocks (or conglomerates), powerups that grant your paddle (or envelope, as it is called) attraction powers, regenerative powers, or sticky powers, and powerups that turn your ball into a flaming torch. The game starts slow, but gets extremely fast very quickly, making for an exciting adventure.

Along with levels of breakout, the game follows a storyline. You must accomplish missions and clean up planets for the ESCorp, but you can also choose to break away from this corporation and join the prison rebels far out beyond the asteroid belt, the FURI. There are many different planets to explore and items that will help you out.

Each day, you get three free plays. If you don't use them by the end of the day, they disappear and are replaced by three new plays the next day. You can also buy, with real money, plays that don't disappear, but remain until you use them. However, you can obtain these in the game, too, so they don't accomplish much except get you by slightly faster.

Overall, Alphabounce is a very good game that I recommend to anyone. The lack of updates is a bit frustrating, but with so much to do already, you don't really notice much. If you want to join, you were referred by Mespia. :) But it doesn't really matter. Play today; it's quick and fun.