How To Be a Nerd

Section I: Appearance

To be a nerd, you have to look like one, right? Maybe, maybe not. Although if you want to be widely recognized as a nerd, it's recommended that you don't completely copy the "popular kids" or whoever. Try to fit in, but don't go overboard. Keep yourself looking distinct. Although appearance can affect your nerdiness, remember that in no way do you have to look a certain way to be a nerd. I for one don't look anything like this. Nerds are made by their actions, not their appearance. (Although you shouldn't look like this if you don't want to be a nerd.)

Article I: Glasses
Do you need glasses to be nerdy? Or, alternatively, are you nerdy if you have glasses? The answer is "maybe". Let's analyze the popular people. Do a lot of them have glasses? The answer is probably no... hardly any popular people wear glasses. Now look at the nerds. Do a lot of them wear glasses? The answer is probably yes... of course not all of them, or maybe even half of them, but a lot more than the popular kids. It's true that glasses will make you look smarter, or even nerdier. If you really want to look nerdy, and you need glasses, get them. But glasses won't determine if you're nerdy or part of the populars. However, if you don't want to look nerdy, I recommend getting contacts. Problem solved.

Article II: Hair
A specific hairstyle is absolutely not necessary to be a nerd. However, a word of warning to those who don't want to look like one (or some advice to those who do): short, straight bangs across your forehead are completely nerdy. Although hardly anyone would wear this, it is not the best hairstyle, and will probably get you judged as a nerd, a geek, or just plain un-stylish. A good guideline for guys is to keep your hair above your ears. Long, shaggy, shaky hair is un-nerd

Article III: Shirts
Are you a boy nerd or a girl nerd? Your clothing choices will of course depend on your gender. Let's say you're a boy nerd. Sweater vests are very nerdy. Caution about wearing these. But button-down shirts, with collars and everything, are a must if you want to look a bit nerdy, but not too much. Short sleeved collared shirts are also, but to be the nerdiest, button all of the buttons. The more buttons you button, the nerdier. Ties are only for the die-hard nerds....or wannabe die-hard nerds.

Now, let's say you're a girl nerd. What do you wear? A good rule of thumb for those nerds out there is to not wear a shirt with any "cool" labels on it. (For example, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, or anything like this.)  Plain t-shirts and blouses are good for this. A cardigan that is fitted at the waist with a tank top and boot-cut jeans is  a great outfit. Also, if you did anything nerdy, (Science Olympiad, band/orchestra/chorus things outside of school, etc) and got a t-shirt or sweatshirt  from doing it, wear it the day of/after the event, or any random day you decide. That way everyone will know what extra nerdy events you take part in. This goes for the guys, too

Article IV: Bottoms
For girls- anything tasteful is fine. Skinny jeans are acceptible as long as they don't look like they're constricting blood flow. NO short shorts, they take loads away from your nerdiness. Khaki is totally nerdy.

For Guys-Most pants guys wear these days ARE NOT what nerds would ever think of wearing. NO skinny pants that make you look like a skater. Boot cut jeans and khakis are a good way to go. And keep your boxers UNDER your pants. Don't look like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Article V: Shoes
Any type of shoes are fine for nerds, its not the biggest neccesity. Although, advice from us may help. ABSOLUTELY no "DC" or basketball shoes (some kids tuck skinny jeans into them and they look ridiculous). For die-hard nerds, loafers work nicely, for both genders.

Section II: Knowledge

Remember that to be a nerd, you must be at least semi-knowledgable in a specific area. This could be gardening, computer programming, or even Twilight if worst comes to worst. However, there are certain  subjects that it is considered acceptable to be a nerd in.

Article I: Math
Math is the perfect subject for any nerd to be knowledgable in. Generally, the better you are in this subject, the more you will be regarded as "smart" and looked at as a nerd. If you don't like math, but want to be a nerd, try to like it as much as possible. Tak any advanced classes offered. Do complex mathematical equations in your head and show off in front of other people. This is certainly a good way to be a nerd. Read books on math. Watch TV shows on math. The most important thing, though, is to do well in school. This is where you will ultimately be decided if you are a nerd or not. However, keep in mind that most well-rounded nerds expand their intellectual horizons, not limiting themselves to one or two subject areas.

Article II: Language Arts
A very simple way to be nerdy is to speak proper English as often as possible. Use big words. A great way to learn big words is to take an every day word (which is most likely an adjective) and look it up in a thesaurus. (EX: Verbose is a synonym for long. You would use it in this context: The speech was too verbose.) Write things out for people - try writing short stories or poems. More importantly, read a lot! Nerds are often bookworms, and can always be found reading a new book. The books you read generally doesn't matter, as long as you are always reading something different, you will quickly become smarter and possibly nerdier. Long or old-fashioned books, textbooks, science/math books, or encyclopedias are especially recommended. A slight word of advice....if you are seen reading the Twilight Saga, The Clique series, or other popular girly books like that your nerdiness will probably go down.....a lot. a list of good nerdy books is growing under Books under Directories.

Article III: Science/Biology/Physics/ETC
Okay, this subject area is where most nerds show off. In your science/bio/physics class, know some of the material before the teacher teaches it. You don't have to be an Einstien and know everything (though it would be awesome if you were), but know more than the cheerleader next to you. Raise your hand often, even if you don't think you're right. Its more nerdy to participate and be wrong than to seldom participate. Though it would be best if you participated often, and were correct most of the time. Keep in mind that this also goes for all subjects. To bump up your smarts in your S/B/P class, check out books that relate to your subject's present topic. If your teacher gives you a unit outline or something to that effect, give yourself background info, and use that to your advantage on quizzes, worksheets, and tests. It helps to watch the Science Channel. 

Article IV: Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus, etc)

The music section will be divided up into sections pertaining to the courses with similar ways to be nerdy.
Band/Orchestra-The number one rule for music geeks out there is to practice often. Very often. It helps if you are the (if not one of the) best players in your section. Know your stuff, play well, and practice. Often times the best players in sections practice the most. So even if you're not the best in your section yet just remember that the best practice.....often. It is also is a plus if you enjoy playing your instrument. If you play piano and hate it, then why play? Another way to gain nerdiness is to take up another instrument. If you enjoy playing oboe but you've been wanting to play bassoon for ages, then don't just accept the oboe, or quit it and move to bassoon. Play both!!! If your school offers two bands/orchestras for your grade, then sign up for both, even if your conductor doesn't reccommend you. It's nerdier to want to be in both. If you play two instruments in two emsembles, then ask your conductor for both parts. Example: You play viola and cello. In orchestra A (the better one) you're playing Jupiter from The Planets by Holst. You play viola in that orchestra but love the cello part. So you ask your conductor for the cello part and perfect them both. Nerd. ;)
Choral- It's harder to be a nerd in chorus than in an instrumental ensemble. In orchestras/bands, you can practice and ask for extra parts, or even take on another instrument. In chorus, however, the best way to be nerdy is to research on opera, showtunes, and un-popular musicals. Know the script front and back. Be able to olay the songs by ear on the piano. Memorize every lyric and every gesture. With opera, know the composer, cast, person who plays the main character, etc. If you want to gain MAJOR NerdPoints, though, favor operas/musicals that are in a different language and translate the lyrics. This  will earn bonus points with your Foreign Language teacher if you use the language you're taking.

Article V: Participation
A very important part of being nerdy is participating a lot in class. However, note that there is a fine line between being a knowledgable participant and trying to show off. If you want to be the former, raise your hand when a question is asked that you know the answer to. If you have a comment, wait until a break and raise your hand. Be sure that your comment is related to the subject at hand. Don't try to be funny if you're not certain that people will laugh. Don't brag (even slightly) about your accomplishments. For example, saying "Well, since I'M in this advanced class, I learned that..." or anything like that. Don't say anything about your personal life unless you really need to, or it is likely to interest people, unless it is with your immediate group of friends. Most of the time, it isn't, so be careful. Don't stutter. When you raise your hand, don't act like you just can't wait to be called on by leaning back in your chair and waving you arm around, or saying, "Oooh! I know!" Just sit quietly and wait your turn. This way, you will seem less like a teacher's pet or a show-off and more like an awesome nerd. That's the goal, right?