Mespia's Page

Hey guys - designing stuff is fun! And it turns out I might be designing better stuff than I thought - I have a version of Photoshop on my computer! Who knew? Anyway, check below for free graphics, mostly siggys and icons.

And, although I assume that you are are intelligent enough to know, to get the code for the images, right click on image >> select "Properties" >> copy the URL. If you're having any problems, just contact me. Thanks!

Siggy Background

All right, a lovely background for you to place images or text on. Perfect for a siggy. Customize your own with a little work.

This can be resized if you're looking for something bigger. It works great with simple image editing programs like Paint.

Completed Siggy

Alrighty! First completed siggy! It's the first one I've ever made, but I think it looks good. I made up the words. It is made with the background above, but recolored and lightened a bit. I hope you like it, I worked hard.

Completed Siggy - Water

Just a nice, water-based signature to test my skills. The size is 380x140.
The background is made the same way, basically, as on the previous one, but I colored it a bit differently. Feel free to add your name to it, or we can do that, too. The girl's arms aren't cut off, either. Enjoy!